About us

Our Core Values

The Holy Bible:   The Bible is God’s unfailing, inspired written Word of authority for our faith and conduct for living. I Tim 3:16

          Worship:   We endeavor to bring glory to God in every aspect of life. 

     Evangelism:   God proved His love to a lost world; therefore it is our responsibility and privilege to do the same.

             Prayer:   Aligning ourselves with God through prayers of repentance and adoration, we petition God to act on behalf of ourselves                                  and others.

       Holy Spirit:   We believe the New Testament experience with the Holy Spirit is one of empowerment through His infilling and Gifts to be                                witnesses of Christ.

         Missions:   God calls people to establish His kingdom in the world; therefore we will support and send them with finances and prayer                                with His message of love and forgiveness.

           Ministry:   Every person is encouraged through prayer and study to fulfill their God given purpose within the Body of Christ.

our pastors:
Rick Baldwin
Debi Baldwin

Senior Pastor

Director Hospitality Ministry

Jonathan Geary
Rebekah Geary

Youth Pastor

Worship Pastor